Archived Articles 2010

Volume  4  Fall 2010

“Building, Growing and Maintaining Portuguese Programs”

Editor’s Note 2010 Margo Milleret, University of New Mexico

Creating and Sustaining a Program of Study in Portuguese
Dr. Fernanda Ferreira
Bridgewater State College

Data Driven Program Development
Margo Milleret and Agripino Silveira
University of New Mexico

Portuguese and the HBCU Experience: FIPSE/CAPES
U.S.-Brazil Higher Education Consortia

Robert N.Anderson
Winston-Salem State University

The Creation of a Portuguese Teaching Minor for Secondary Education Majors
Blair Bateman
Brigham Young University

Linguistic, affective and disciplinary territories: Teaching Portuguese across the divide.
Nicola T. Cooney
Princeton University

Innovative Technologies – New Opportunities in Language Teaching
Orlando Kelm
University of Texas at Austin

On Starting a Course Sequence for Heritage Learners of Portuguese
Gláucia V. Silva
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Growing and Maintaining a Portuguese Language Program in the 21st Century: Notes from an Old New England School
Clémence Jouët-Pastré
Harvard University

Portuguese at the University of Arizona
Ana Carvalho
University of Arizona