Archived Articles 2014

Volume 8 Fall 2014

“Best Practices Integrating the ACTFL Five C’s in Portuguese/PLE”

Editor’s Note

Margo Milleret
University of New Mexico

I exchange many e-mails with the evaluators of this journal. They are thoughtful and careful individuals who give their time and expertise to reading and commenting on the materials submitted for each volume. On occasion, they provide me with pithy statements that capture the essence of this journal and its mission. For example, I recently received this wonderful comment from an evaluator “I so enjoy seeing how the field is growing and where the winds of research are taking us.” This statement is particularly true for the theme of this volume which links language education in Portuguese to ACTFL’s Five C’s (Communication, Cultures, Communities, Comparisons, Connections). The write-ups we received demonstrate that some instructors are aware of the ACTFL standards and are actively engaged in applying them to their classes in dynamic and imaginative ways. These activities should spark more interest in the possibilities of developing coursework based on the Five C’s. I use the word “some” instructors, because the survey research included in this volume suggests that there is little awareness of the ACTFL Standards by Portuguese instructors and little impact of the ACTFL Standards on the textbook industry that markets Portuguese textbooks.

If this volume represents a starting point, then the winds of research are taking us toward a greater understanding and application of the ACTFL Standards to the Portuguese classroom and to materials development. As those winds move us along, we will be better prepared to join with K-12 educators in a mutual effort to improve world language learning for all ages.

A comunidade brasileira nos Estados Unidos como base do currículo de PLE: Os 5Cs aplicados ao ensino de português como língua estrangeira
Cristiane Soares
Tufts University

Dramatic Monologues for Advanced Low Portuguese Civilization and Culture Students
James Hussar
California State University, Fullerton

Pelas contas do rosário!
A inserção da cultura brasileira através dos bordões novelísticos nas aulas de PLE
Sílvia Ramos-Sollai
Jamile Forcelini
Alan Parma
Florida State University

Storyboard as a pre-activity for Brazilian Portuguese films
Denise M. Osborne
University of Arizona

Communication and Other C’s:
A Study of What Portuguese Instructors Want in Textbooks
Blair Bateman
Brigham Young University