2015 Articles

 Volume 9, October 2015

“Portuguese in the World Today”

“This issue of PLJ demonstrates that Portuguese has become a global language that is being taught around the world to a diverse audience of learners. Through this collection of essays the reader will travel to several continents and meet learners who are heritage speakers, Spanish-speakers, French-speakers, or who may have ties to the Portuguese past in Hawaii. This is a rich collection of essays that offers both teaching applications as well as theoretical and methodological research.”
(Passage from the Editor’s Note, read the full note below.)

-Margo Milleret, Emerita
Editor, Portuguese Language Journal

University of New Mexico

Editor’s Note
Margo Milleret, Emerita
University of New Mexico

Blended learning no ensino de português língua estrangeira adicional: tarefas assíncronas extra-classe
Antônio Márcio da Silva
University of Kent, UK
Lucia Rottava
Universidade Federal do rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

A aquisição do ritmo do português brasileiro por africanos francófonos: uma proposta de análise acústica
Eugênia Magnólia da Silva Fernandes
University of California, Davis

Brasileirices: trabalhando com vídeos no ensino de Português como Língua Estrangeira (PLE) e cultura brasileira
Camilla Wootton Villela
Graziela Naclério Forte

Luso-Hawaiiano: Accessing authentic historical texts for the L2 classroom
Rachel Mamiya Hernandez
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

O recurso linguístico da segunda geração dos brasileiros na sociedade japonesa
Haino, Sumiko
Kanagawa University, Japan

A Significant and Team Based Learning Approach in the Portuguese Classroom
Maria Consuelo Guerrero
University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley

Grammatical gender in the interlanguage of English-speaking learners of Portuguese
Edvan Brito
Defense Language Institute